What is Pluggle?

What is Pluggle

If ever you stumble one of the videos regarding Pluggle from Youtube and decided to make thorough research regarding the company. You just hit the jackpot!

So Basically Pluggle is one of the Newest Advertising/Affiliate Companies here in Philippines.
The Company just launched last April 9, 2017 and is having a great impact with the masses


Although it is newly launched in Philippines. It’s not new in the industry as it seems to be, It has been said that the company has been operating in Malaysia for over 5 years now and just expanded in the Philippines.


The site is also operating legally with its papers. You can actually check them out at  http://iregister.sec.gov.ph

iregister sec screenshot

Is it scam?

No, It is not a scam. In fact there are tons of Payments Proofs which is circulating around the net

Proof of Payments

How does it work?

Here is a simple video presentation exlpaining How Pluggle works

credits to: Marc Caharian

How to Join?

Click here for a full tutorial on how to register

become a member

Cashing Out

Important Update: BDO
Currently the only way to cash out is Coin.ph

If you ever heard of coins.ph You can simply register by clicking here -> COINS.PH

After registration, You will receive a free ₱50 because of the invitation.

Click Here for a Brief Information on How to Setup and Cashout from pluggle

Personal Opinion

I have written my personal Pluggle review which tackles my ideas after being a member.